JJ Lin and Wilber Pan Hit Back on Rumors Involving Them in Kris Wu’s Sex Scandal, Netizens Question Motives of an Online Personality Who Repeatedly Reported Them

JJ Lin and Wilber Pan

After the Kris Wu sex scandal that rocked the entire industry, it appears the rumour mill has next set its sights on JJ Lin and Wilber Pan who online rumourmongers were quick to allege were also involved in the Kris Wu case. With Kris Wu currently detained on suspicion of rape, Netizens claiming to be close to the investigation have alleged that the disgraced star had provided the names of other celebs involved including those of JJ Lin and Wilber Pan’s supposedly.

Online Personality Names JJ Lin and Wilber As Being Involved

Then there’s the added complication of the repeated accusations made by an online personality named Xie Minghao on his Studio page yesterday (Aug 2) directly calling out both JJ Lin and Wilbur by name for their alleged drug use, tax evasion and for supposedly raping under-aged girls. He said he has no qualms facing legal responsibilities if proven otherwise, also calling on and tagging Beijing Chaoyang Police, Weibo Legal and China’s National Narcotics Control Commission to open separate investigations against the pair.

Blogger accuse JJ Lin and Wilber Pan of being involved in Kris Wu Scandal

Nonetheless, seeing that he had falsely accused Wang Yibo of drug use in the past while similarly saying he was willing to take legal responsibility for his words, it appears not too many are inclined to believe him now. From the comments online, the general consensus is that he’s just capitalising on the situation to get his name trending. In fact, hopping over to his social media page shows his Weibo account already suspended with the message “the user is temporarily banned due to a violation of community conventions” prominently displayed up top.

JJ Lin and Wilber Pan Fight Back

With such dire accusations, you can bet JJ Lin and Wilber Pan aren’t taking things lightly. JJ Lin has already issued two statements warning people to stop spreading fake news. In a formal statement through his legal representation Shanghai Jiuze Law, the actor’s camp named several accounts on Weibo, Douyin and WeChat on his blacklist for spreading malicious rumours about him. Aside from condemning the defamatory claims made against him, JJ’s camp also vehemently denied the allegations of any illegal wrongdoings. Moreover, Netizens are asked to delete false information and cease from spreading any fake news any further. Otherwise, they can expect to be slapped with a big fat lawsuit with the evidence collected against them.

JJ Lin's Statement

Likewise, Wilber Pan hit back similarly with his own statement from his legal representation Beijing Zhongchan Law Firm, denying any illegal acts alluded to by the rumours, asking rumourmongers to cease their personal attacks and requiring them to delete their malicious statements ASAP. Anyone who continues to do so will not be tolerated and will find themselves at the receiving end of a legal action against them. Like JJ, Wilber also put out his own blacklist which names the various accounts they will be holding accountable.

Wilber Pan on his own statement.

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