Janine Chang Hopes to Be Married by 40, Makes a Promise with Ethan Ruan If They’re Still Single at 50

Janine Chang and good friend Ethan Ruan

Taiwanese actress Janine Chang has a successful career under her belt, yet many are wondering why no one has managed to snag the pretty actress’ heart (and hand in marriage) that just yet. And although she has been romantically linked with showbiz personalities in the past, notably ex-boyfriend and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms star Mark Chao, a tech company CEO before peacefully parting ways and more recently with her Detective Chinatown co-star Roy Qiu, it appears Janine’s Mr. Right is still ever elusive. Nonetheless, the 38-year-old actress remains hopeful that she’ll be married by the time she turns 40.

In a live broadcast with good friends Ivy Chen and Ethan Ruan recently, Janine mentioned wanting to be married by the time she’s 40. Doing the math, that’s already next year since the actress was born in 1982! But as for her groom, well, your guess is probably as good as mine. But did you know Ivy once set her up with Ethan?

Janine Chang, Ivy Chen and Ethan Ruan
Janine, Ivy and Ethan Ruan chatting up a storm in a live broadcast

Don’t make trouble!” exclaimed Ethan after this little tidbit was shared in the three friend’s super funny banter. Alas, I guess it wasn’t meant to be if they’re both still single…  But! For fans hoping for a Janine Chang and Ethan Ruan CP, there may still be a chance for them! Maybe. After telling everyone how the fortune teller his mum visited said he’ll be married by age 46, Janine laughingly made a “pact” with Ethan to finally get together if they’re both still single and unattached by the time they’re 50!

I say, don’t you just love the relationship these three have with each other? Their banter is so cute and I love how they’re super comfortable with each other to be able to joke around like this.

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