Janine Chang Brushes Off Rumors of Fallout with Ivy Chen

janine chang ivy chen
In this day and age where so much of everyone’s lives is visible through social media, it’s led to a culture where it’s become too easy to assume. If a couple don’t display their affection publicly, then there’d be rumors that they’ve broken up. 

It seems friendships are being held to the same standard that even besties Janine Chang and Ivy Chen were no exception. 
The two actresses both starred in the 2009 Taiwanese drama Black & WhiteThey have stayed friends for over a decade, yet they now find themselves subjected to rumors of a fallout. 
janine chang ivy chen boracay
Janine Chang and Ivy Chen at Boracay, Philippines (2012)
The reason is simply because they haven’t interacted much online for at least a year when they used to be quite active at tagging each other and sharing photos of their get togethers in the past. Rumors say that Ivy Chen giving birth and competition in showbiz is why they drifted apart. According to United Daily News, Janine has responded through her manager, “It’s not even April Fool’s yet, why be like this? The COVID-19 pandemic is more important, leave more resources for reports on that.” 
As if to show solidarity, both took to Weibo at the same time today with a friendly reminder for everyone to wash their hands and protect themselves against the pandemic. 
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janine chang
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