Janine Chang Graciously Addresses Questions About Roy Chiu

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When Roy Chiu’s manager revealed that the actor was pursuing Janine Chang after the two were spotted together, it seems to have put the spotlight on them even more. Janine Chang’s camp previously addressed the topic by simply saying thank you. And this time, the actress speaks up about it for the first time when she was asked by reporters at a recent event. 

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When asked about Roy Chiu, she says that Roy is very serious about acting and very earnest about life. The two met because of filming and became work friends. When asked how she felt about his admission that he was actively pursuing her, Janine says that she’s happy and thankful, but also reveals that they don’t have any special contact at present. She also hopes that everyone can focus on his works. 
It seems like Janine has made her stance clear which may make things a bit awkward for Roy in hindsight. Nonetheless, many felt that Janine’s answers were thoughtful and sincere. Always liked her too and wish her the best. 
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