Carina Zhang Answers Why She and Raymond Lam Didn’t Have a Wedding Ceremony

Carina Zhang and husband Raymond Lam for Marie Claire
the couple in a shoot for Marie Claire magazine

Raymond Lam’s wife Carina Zhang seems to constantly find herself fending off comments from haters and online trolls. In the latest episode of reality show Viva La Romance 妻子的浪漫旅行, Carina put on a fluffy white wedding dress to surprise her husband, since it appears the couple never actually had a reception when they tied the knot. Netizens were shocked to learn that this was the case since the couple have been married for more than two years now. But to shut down further speculation and comments online, Carina took to social media to clarify the situation –

Why didn’t we hold a wedding? The main reason was because of the epidemic. I got pregnant a month after we got married but it was also during the height of Covid when it was most severe. Now that the baby is almost a year old, my main focus is on my family and my hobbies. I don’t really mind whether we have a wedding or not. <Someone here will probably mock me again, saying that since we didn’t have a wedding, “Raymond doesn’t love you at all so he didn’t want to give you one”. So if you think that I’m just saying this so I don’t lose face, scheming to make it appear that it doesn’t bother me so I can move forward, or that my in-laws don’t like me, don’t bother with it. It appears you think you know me better than myself, my husband and my in-laws.> Because having a great relationship between the two of us, that our family is blessed, and our daughter happy and healthy growing up is the most important thing, I didn’t see the need to push for a wedding” she said.

Carina Zhang and Raymond Lam
Carina surprises husband Raymond with a wedding gown

As to donning a white dress for the show, Carina said she still wanted Raymond to see her wearing a wedding dress, to give him a surprise. “As far as I’m concerned, we didn’t need to have a wedding reception, but (having that experience of) wearing a wedding dress is a must. <Saying that I forced him to have a wedding on the show … legally we’re already husband and wife, so what do you mean I forced it?> As for my husband who’s the type of person to pay attention to ceremony, having a wedding reception is a must. So he wanted to say that once the Covid situation gets better, he hopes to finally hold our wedding reception that’s long overdue. After all Hong Kong isn’t in the all clear yet, there are just too many factors.”

Carina and Raymond's sweet kiss

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