Raymond Lam Said No to Signing A Prenup With Wife Carina Zhang

Raymond Lam and wife Carina Zhang

At a time where prenups have become the norm for celebs tying the knot, the fact that TVB star Raymond Lam and his wife Chinese model Carina Zhang have none is quite a surprise to some.  As series regulars for the fifth season of the reality show Viva La Romance 妻子的浪漫旅行, we get to know the dynamics between the couple who’ve just been married for a little over a year and who’ve just had a baby, a little bit better.

Whilst out with the other wives on the show, Carina mentioned bringing up the topic of having a prenuptial agreement before she and Raymond were married in 2019. “After my husband and I became official, people thought I was only after his money, that I had a lot of means, and that I was a scheming person..” She said raising the idea was not purely because of what people were saying but more of because she loved him very much, “even if he is just an ordinary person, I want to be with him. So I asked him whether we should do a prenup.”  However, after putting the idea forward, she said Raymond quickly shut it down saying it was “crazy” 神经病 and frankly, unnecessary. “I love my wife, since we’re getting married, what’s mine is hers” he says simply.

What makes Raymond Lam’s response even more swoon worthy is what he said after it was pointed out that Netizens might be jealous Carina married well. Raymond replied that “it was HE who married well”.

Raymond Lam and Carina Zhang in the show
“We both married well. There’s nothing better than being with each other” gushed Raymond Lam.

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