Raymond Lam and Carina Zhang Are Officially Married After Dating for Over a Year

raymond lam carina zhang
According to Hong Kong news reports, actor-singer Raymond Lam and model Carina Zhang Xinyue have tied the knot!

Since they were first spotted together in March 2018, the two eventually confirmed that they were dating in the same year. Back then, the actor had also just gotten out of a publicly known relationship. People weren’t exactly supportive of his new love life and also felt that Carina Zhang was not good enough for the well-established actor from a wealthy family. Nonetheless, there had been several indications that things were getting serious as they even met the parents. Last June, it was rumored that the two got engaged but they never denied or confirmed it. 
A copy of their marriage registration document has recently circulated online with reports stating that they tied the knot last September 26. As news broke, his side commented, “Thank you for everyone’s blessings, hope that everyone can give us some space.” It looks like congratulations are in order and I hope that the newly wedded couple will have a wonderful life together.
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