Raymond Lam’s Wife Has Given Birth as He Shares a Glimpse of Their Family of Three

raymond lam's wife maternity photos

It’s definitely a milestone year for the 40-year-old Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam. Nine months after announcing on Dec. 31, 2019 that he has gotten hitched to girlfriend Carina Zhang Xinyue, he reveals that he has now become a new dad.

On Sep. 26, he took to social media to say, “Carrying you for the first time, feeling your warmth and breathing, I felt the continuation of life for the first time in my life. My adorable baby, you have given me the drive to move forward. My dear wife, thank you for all the hardships and difficulties you have endured, I am not good with words, but all your goodness is carved in my heart. This beautiful happiness, I will use my life to protect and cherish it.”

Raymond Lam and his wife Carina Zhang’s relationship was constantly kept on watch from the very beginning when they were rumored dating to their rumored marriage and finally rumors that Carina was pregnant. Even before Raymond broke the news, there were already reports that Carina gave birth on August 26 to a baby girl at a hospital in Shenzhen and was staying at the presidential suite of a high-end confinement center though it was never confirmed.

Now that they’re ready to announce the news, Raymond fondly shared a photo of their new family of three giving each other a first bump. The couple also took maternity photos together while waiting for the baby’s arrival with Raymond cosplaying as Monkey King Sun Wukong and Carina as Zhu Bajie. Interestingly, Raymond plays the titular character in the yet-to-air Chinese drama Legends of Monkey King.

raymond lam, wife carina zhang and baby

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