Character introductions: Legends of Monkey King

Character introductions: Legends of Monkey King
Raymond Lam as Monkey
Just within this year, I can count Eddie Peng’s Wu Kong, Huang Zitao’s A Chinese Oddyssey, Owodog Ao Quan’s Monkey King and finally, Aaron Kwok’s multiple blockbuster films as the Monkey King yet again. The Legends of Monkey King 大泼猴 puts the monkey count up to five, and without further ado, let’s see what this one is about.  
Raymond Lam as Monkey, tameless and passionate, dark and explosive as the king of demons. He was just a soul that passed through to this realm from another place, and found himself as a rock in Flower Fruit Mountain. After three hundred years, he was reborn as Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. 

Legends of Monkey King Jiang Meng Jie
Jiang Meng Jie as Yang Chan, beautiful but deadly. She is Yang Jian’s younger sister. Because her mother was confined under a mountain, she and her brother who was only a few years older than her had to run with only each as company. Her fate becomes perpetually intertwined with Monkey after their first meeting. 
Legends of Monkey King Kenji Wu
Kenji Wu as Tian Peng, a general from the human realm who falls in love with a deity and earns a place in the heavens in order to be with her. However, it is forbidden for deities to fall in love. During his time in the heavens, he accomplished many great deeds, yet it earned the suspicions of others who are jealous of him. 
Legends of Monkey King Jin Akanishi
Jin Akanishi as Yang Jian, the god of war and the general of a great army. He is the elder brother of Yan Chan and cherishes her as his most important person. He is scholarly and mild mannered despite his position. After the Heavenly Emperor killed his mother, he raises a rebellion and aligns himself with the Princess of the Western Sea.
Legends of Monkey King
Eva Cheng Yan Qiu as Feng Ling, Xu Pu Ti’s disciple. She is the reincarnation of Que Er. She’s a woman wholly devoted to Monkey, putting herself in danger again and again for his sake and chasing after him all the way to Flower Fruit Mountain. 
Legends of Monkey King
Wang Zi Yun as Ni Shang, a graceful dancer from the heavenly realm. Tian Peng started on a path of immortal cultivation because of her. She may be a gentle soul, but she is strong-willed in that she never breaks her own promises, no matter what the cost. When the heavens were against Tian Peng, she ends up protecting him with all her might. 
Legends of Monkey King
Yue Yue Li as Tai Shang Lao Jun, a powerful deity who upholds the ways of the heavens. However, he is consumed by his inner demons and becomes obsessed with gaining control over the three realms.
Legends of Monkey King
Jiang Yi Yi as Que Er. She is a canary bird that transforms into a human after accidentally ingesting Monkey’s golden pill. She is Monkey’s first friend and comrade in the human realm. She remained by his side when he was at his lowest and continued to support him with her simple and cheery personality. She loves Monkey unconditionally and is willing to sacrifice anything for him, even her life. 
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