Carina Zhang Exchanges Heated Words With Netizen Who Accused Her of Being a Mistress

Carina Zhang Exchanges Heated Words With Netizen After Comments Accusing Her of Being a Mistress

Keyboard warriors have struck again, but rather than taking things sitting down, Carina Zhang hits back at a Netizen commenting on a photo of her daughter that insinuated she’s following in her mother’s footsteps. Sharing some photos of her daughter with husband Raymond Lam on the occasion of Father’s Day, a Netizen commented “She danced very well in the first and third photos, I bet she’ll be dancing just as crazily like her mum in nightclubs when she grows up.”

Carina Zhang 's Father's Day Post

Well, momma bear didn’t take too kindly to the comment so it wasn’t long before Carina returned fire. “Thanks for your compliment, still better than someone who only knows how to type on the keyboard.” As you can probably guess, things started to get a little bit heated as the two continued their exchange. In the same thread, the Netizen pointed out how Carina got to the top by being a mistress to which she responded by asking if the Netizen had any evidence to support the accusation. “Do you have any evidence supporting your claim calling me a mistress? Or have you been one long enough that it messed with your head and eyes into thinking everyone’s a mistress?” demanded Carina. “The internet has a long memory, I hope your conscience is clear” replied the same Netizen.

Yesterday, Carina took to social media to address the issue once again and to leave a warning for those who continue to make groundless accusations about her family. “I don’t ask everyone to like me, and I’ve never taken steps to hurt anyone. However, while I’m not the type of person to cause trouble, I don’t condone to being bullied. You may scold me, but once you bring in my family and my children into it, don’t blame me for slamming you. Because from that moment on I’ll cease to see you as a person.

Raymond Lam
Raymond Lam with their daughter

Since going public with their romance, Raymond Lam and Carina Zhang’s relationship has been subjected to a lot of negative comments with many deeming the Chinese model “not good enough” for the TVB Star. In recent months, the couple has appeared as series regulars in the reality show Viva La Romance 妻子的浪漫旅行 where Raymond famously revealed he said no to signing a prenup after his wife brought it up.

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