Victoria Song as the Golden Eagle Goddess, Zhao Lusi Apologizes for Liking a Diss Post

Victoria Song as the Golden Eagle Goddess, Zhao Lusi Apologizes for Liking a Diss Post

Just like in 2018 when competition for the Golden Eagle Goddess drew intense rivalry between Dilireba and Yang Zi fans, it seems that the biennial award did not escape being embroiled in drama once more with heated debate surrounding Tan Songyun and Victoria Song Qian this year.

With the results officially locked in, the 13th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival successfully opened on October 16 along with the highly-anticipated unveiling of Victoria Song as the Golden Eagle Goddess, making her the 8th actress to take the crown. 

victoria song qian golden eagle goddess

Victoria made her grand entrance descending from the ‘sky’ in a glistening golden gown designed to the theme of light. She revealed that the gown actually weighed around 15kg and that she had on 4 layers of clothing but felt honored to wear the efforts of many people. However, some were unimpressed and complained about the styling, the hair and how the dress made Victoria look fat and unlike her normal self.

zhao lusi victoria song

As the topic trended on microblogging site Weibo, actress Zhao Lusi got in trouble after netizens noticed that she had liked a post dissing Victoria’s look and calling it strange. Zhao Lusi took to social media to say, “Giving an apology to @SongQian little jiejie (older sister), for causing trouble I’m really sorry, sorry.” She also explains that she had accidentally liked the post but unliked it one second later. Victoria graciously commented, “I’ll be taking that (Zhao Lusi’s) meme~.” All’s well that ends well as the two actresses have also started to follow each other on social media.

victoria song 1 piece swimsuit

Meanwhile, Victoria shrugs off the negativity as she took to Weibo today with the caption, “HiHi~Free?[Shy] playing in the water.” She also shared photos of herself in a one-piece Chanel swimsuit which showed off her slender figure.

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