Who is Murderer Featuring Zhao Liying, Xiao Yang and Dong Zijian Next Up on iQiyi’s Light On Theatre

Who is Murderer
Who is Murderer 's Zanilia Zhao Liying, Xiao Yang and Dong Zijian

If the transition into the chillier months of autumn has left you with a hankering for moody thrillers and suspenseful mysteries, get your thinking caps on to flush out the killer in the new whodunit Who is Murderer 谁是凶手. The series part of iQiyi’s ongoing Light On Theatre initiative which already popped out four suspense thrillers.  With a strong cast made up of Zanilia Zhao Liying, Xiao Yang and Dong Zijian, there’s no better way of getting into the moodier vibes of autumn than by cosying up to watch this trio try to catch a killer!

Cast of Characters

Xiao Yang is no stranger to mysteries, having appeared in supporting roles for all three installments of the popular Detective Chinatown franchise. His Lee Weijie – a desperate father intent on protecting his family after a fatal accident in last year’s box office hit thriller Sheep Without a Shepherd 误杀 certainly makes him an excellent choice.

Meanwhile, co-star Dong Zijian has been steadily building his acting portfolio, nabbing the role of Yang Xun to co-star in Like a Flowing River with Wang Kai and Yang Shuo following his breakout role in 2013’s Young Style. Incidentally, Who is Murderer is his second collab with Zhao Liying following their film Duckweed three years ago.

Last but certainly not the least is Zhao Liying who makes her very first foray into the genre with Who is Murderer. Now we’re not quite sure yet what role the Legend of Fei actress will be playing here. But how interesting would it be if she ends up playing the villain? With her innocent features and her excellent poker face in the poster, I bet she’d hit it out of the park if she did decide to step out of her comfort zone to play the villain. What do you guys think?

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