Detective Chinatown (2020)

detective chinatown iqiyi drama
Make sure you’ve got your deduction skills prepared for Detective Chinatown 唐人街探案. If you think it sounds familiar, why it’s probably because the 12-episode drama is part of the lucrative movie franchise of the same name. It is a three-part story that follows three separate cases and similar to the films, it’s all about the detectives who engage in mystery solving.

detective chinatown iqiyi drama roy chiu
The first detective to be introduced is Liu Mo (Roy Chiu) who appears in the first and second part of the story. Known as Black Dog Liu for his impeccable sense of smell that comes in handy when decoding crime scenes, he applied to be the apprentice of none other than Tang Ren (Wang Baoqiang) who is known as the great detective in the movies. 
detective chinatown drama
At first, Tang Ren did not want Liu Mo as a student but after Liu Mo offered to work for free — no salary plus all the profits go directly to Tang Ren — he willingly accepts his new apprentice. Liu Mo is out to solve two cases alongside Ivy (Janine Chang), one of the victim’s widow. He ranks 4th in Crimaster, the famous app that ranks the best detectives in the world.  
detective chinatown web drama janine chang
The other detective who spearheads the third case and the story I’m more eager to see features Yetian Haoer (Chen Zheyuan). Needing some assistance in the case he’s working on, he enlists the help of a five-member team of youngsters. 
detective chinatown web drama chen zheyuan
detective chinatown web drama
With the success of the franchise, it was really quite expected for them to do a series and this seems to have all the makings of what made the movie successful with the same team behind the scenes to give viewers a drama worth watching. And it’s not an entirely new cast. I wonder how they’ll tie it up to the movies considering that major characters in the films, Wang Baoqiang and Xiao Yang, are both taking a special starring role in the drama. Liu Haoran makes a cameo.
detective chinatown web drama wang baoqiang
detective chinatown web drama xiao yang
The cast also includes Wang Zhen’er, Cheng Xiao, Zhang Yishang, Zhang Songwen, Ancy Deng Enxi and Chen Yusi.
Release Date; January 1, 2019 iQIYI (two episodes every Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm for VIP, one episode from Wednesday to Saturday for non-VIP)
detective chinatown iqiyi drama
detective chinatown iqiyi drama janine chang
detective chinatown web drama wang zhener
detective chinatown web drama cheng xiao
detective chinatown web drama zhang yishang
detective chinatown web drama chen yusi
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