Novoland: Pearl Eclipse Wraps Up Filming, Yang Mi Gifts William Chan with a Cheeky Mask in Celebration

Novoland: Pearl Eclipse

And it’s a wrap for the cast and crew of Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人!

Today, the entire drama has successfully been completed! Thank you to all the cast and crew for walking side by side together all the way, wholeheartedly investing your time and energy from start to finish, and waiting for the pearls to shine.

After more than a hundred fifty days on set with a pandemic on the side posing an extra challenge, filming for the costumed drama has finally been completed yesterday. To celebrate the occasion, two of the drama’s stars Yang Mi and William Chan were caught on camera goofing off with the masks Yang Mi specially prepared just for her co-star.

Why a square shaped pig mask you ask? It’s a cheeky play on William Chan’s character Fang Zhu (方诸), which also has the same pronunciation as a square fang (方形) pig zhu (猪) in Mandarin!

William Chan and Yang Mi Ham It Up for the Camera
“Hamming” it up for the camera

To make this role even more memorable for me, you’ve been quite diligent in gifting me fang zhu (方猪) @ Yang Mi” captions William Chan.

Meanwhile, aside from sharing a cute little video of herself and William poking fun at each other trying on the masks, Yang Mi celebrated the project’s completion with a little message of her own on her social media.

Let Haishi greet you with a happy wrap ceremony! This time, I met a character that seems to allow me to take on the reverse of the drama’s persona. Through Haishi, I experienced slipping into the life of a man. There are bitter moments and sweet moments. Thank you to the crew for their professionalism and dedication in the time we were together, and I thank each one for their company. I look forward to seeing everybody soon.”

Novoland: Pearl Eclipse stars Yang Mi, William Chan, Xu Kaicheng and also features Chen XiaoyunWang Sen and Yuan Yuxuan. The story is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Xiao Ruse and tells the complicated relationship between Haishi, the sole surviving merwoman after her entire village was slaughtered for their tears of pearl, Fang Zhu the powerful official who rescues her and Emperor Di Xu.

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