Novoland: Pearl Eclipse Releases Dreamy Posters to Announce Cast Led by Yang Mi and William Chan

novoland pearl eclipse poster
If that poster didn’t have you clicking fast enough, just wait until you see the rest! The team behind the newest addition to the Novoland franchise, Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 just gave us all a little peek at what’s in store for viewers with these gorgeous posters below. It’s a wee bit different from the usual angsty dark tones in some of its earlier offerings, but with a title like Pearl Eclipse, the colour palette change to aquatic shades is certainly quite apt. 

novoland pearl eclipse yang mi cast
If you can still remember, the drama was actually included in the line-up of dramas announced by Tencent (Pearl Eclipse will air exclusively on Tencent) for 2019 together with the fact that megastar Yang Mi has signed on to star in Pearl Eclipse to get the buzz rolling early on, so this technically isn’t something new-new.  What wasn’t part of that announcement though are the rest of the cast.
novoland pearl eclipse william chan cast
Nabbing the coveted male lead role of Fang Zhu is William Chan, Yang Mi’s cast mate and Dilraba Dilmurat’s love interest in the hit series Swords of Legends. But wait, as the story talks of an orphaned girl Haishi (Yang Mi) posing as a man to become a disciple of minister Fang Zhu who later on finds herself caught in a love triangle between Fang Zhu and the young emperor Fang Zhu serves no less, that means that there has to be a second male lead role! Well Intended Love actor Xu Kaicheng  takes up the mantle of the emperor and will indeed be giving Yangmi’s character quite a conundrum when she has to make a choice in the end. The drama also features Chen Xiaoyun, Wang Sen and Yuan Yuxuan.
novoland pearl eclipse xu kaicheng cast
Anyway, since filming activities for Yangmi’s drama Thank You Doctor have unfortunately been placed on an indefinite hiatus, both the actress and her co-star William Chan have already been spotted shooting scenes at Hengdian since May 3. 
novoland pearl eclipse chen xiaoyun cast
novoland pearl eclipse wang sen cast
novoland pearl eclipse yuan yuxuan cast
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