Yang Mi’s Male Disguise and William Chan’s Fang Zhu in New Novoland: Pearl Eclipse Stills

Yang Mi
So last month, Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 released posters announcing its cast, giving viewers their very first glimpse of the Yang Mi, William Chan and Xu Kaichenglove triangle for the drama. Well today, fans are treated to another look at Yang Mi costumed as a man from the show’s freshly dropped stills, although let’s be honest here, there’s no way on earth her getup could’ve fooled anyone into thinking she’s a man. But anyway let’s roll with it since that’s part of the story.

In the novel, Yang Mi’s character Ye Haishi is a young merwoman whose entire village was slaughtered because of people’s obsession with pearls – the precious commodity created from merpeople’s tears. In a stroke of luck, she happens upon court minister Fang Zhu’s (William Chan) cavalcade passing by and manages to convince him to take her in as his disciple, hence the need for her male disguise. 
Yang Mi
Meanwhile, Fang Zhu in the original story was supposed to be a eunuch who rescues Haishi from her situation and raises her. For generations, Fang Zhu’s ancestors always played the emperor’s “body double” to thwart any assassination attacks. So to finally end this practice, Fang Zhu chose to turn himself into a eunuch in the novel. 
But now that the story has been turned into a drama, it’s more likely that part of the story will be changed as his character is simply described as a powerful official. I highly doubt they’ll still keep the eunuch bit in. Besides, as Fang Zhu is also one part of the love triangle with Haishi and the emperor later on when he finds out his personal guard is actually a girl, it’s more plausible for the drama to keep that out of the storyline. 
And of course, there’s Xu Kaicheng who’s been the overbearing CEO for so long as seen in Well-Intended Love that he gives off quite a commanding presence as the emperor. The rest of the cast includes Chen Xiayun, Wang Sen and Yuan Yuxuan
Yang Mi
Yang Mi
Yang Mi
Yang Mi
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