Novoland: Pearl Eclipse Author Xiao Ruse Wins Infringement Case Against Princess Agents Author

Copyright infringement and plagiarism is sadly nothing new in the fiction industry. Throw in the fact that the novels in question have been turned into big budget dramas? You can be sure the stakes (and the attention) for these writers are definitely higher. 
In 2018, Novoland:Pearl Eclipse author Xiao Ruse filed a lawsuit against Xiao Xiang Dong Er for allegedly plagiarising some components in her Princess Agents novel from whence the popular drama series is based. As a counter,  Xiao Xiang Dong Er then requested to have the allegations thrown out because according to the author, a similarity of a thousand words does not constitute plagiarism.

Well now after two years, the court has finally handed down its ruling in favour of Xiao Ruse, declaring that as long as the plagiarised paragraph finds its way into an independent work, the original author has the right to claim copyright protection. 
Moreover, in recompense, Xiao Xiang Dong Er is also mandated by the courts to (1) scrub the plagiarised content from her Princess Agents novel, (2) her publishers must also refrain from publishing further any books containing the plagiarised content, (3) issue a public apology to Xiao Ruse which must be published on Weibo for ten days and that (4) compensation for economic losses must be given to Xiao Ruse amounting to nearly 50,000 yuan.
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