Immortality Hit with New Controversy for Creating Additional Romantic Scenes for Sebrina Chen Yao

Immortality Cast
Immortality Cast

To say that the drama Immortality 皓衣行 is one of the year’s most awaited shows might be putting it lightly. After all, how often do you see so much leaked photos taken by daipai and so many Netizens up in arms over something when the drama hasn’t even aired yet? This week, the issue seems to emanate from the rumours that Immortality ‘s screenwriters added in more romantic scenes between Arthur Chen’s Mo Ran and his shixiong Shi Mei played by actress Sebrina Chen Yao. Naturally, this led to Netizens being quite suspicious of the “upgrade”, especially since the story is about the two male protagonists Mo Ran and Chu Wanning played by Leo Luo Yunxi with Sebrina listed as a supporting role. Some have even said that the move somehow “reduces” Chu Wanning’s role in the drama.

Whatever the case, you can be sure that Netizens didn’t hesitate to make their feelings known, leaving nearly 500,000 comments (I kid you not) in the drama’s Weibo page bashing Sebrina. Does this sound familiar to you? It should because the situation kinda brings to mind the same treatment actress Meng Ziyi got whilst filming The Untamed. Remember how rumours had her pegged as Wei Wuxian’s female love interest when it became clear after the drama aired that she was anything but?

Immortality writer reponds

Immortality’s Main Screenwriter Responds to the Backlash

With no less than half a million comments kicking up a fuss regarding this controversy, Immortality’s main screenwriter was forced to air out production’s side of the story.

Hello everyone, I am the lead writer for Immortality who originally fled the scene. Because I signed a NDA, I am unable to show you the script. And save for the script and the filmed final product, there’s no way for me to prove innocence. I can only vouch for this: what should be there is there and what shouldn’t be on the script won’t be. The main creator knows, our heads are screwed on right.

Dear friends, if you are willing to believe me, please bear with us for a little while longer. Once the drama airs, everything will come to light. If you’re still not satisfied, you can come back to bash us again. If you don’t believe me, I can only swear to you: if there’s any untruth to it, may lightning strike me, slowly boil me in a pot of goose stew, and let the screenwriters not receive their final payment.

Regarding the “proof” some people have been posting online to back their claims, she further responded on the comments section saying: “there’s been a lot of so called announcements and “proof” involving spoilers. There’s no way for me to disprove them all one by one. I’ll be picking a few to talk about the gap between the real storyline and what’s going on in Netizen’s heads. This should be entertaining for everyone.”

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