Yang Mi and Wei Daxun Sighting Spark Rumours They’re Living Together

Yang Mi and Wei Daxun

The rumour mill is once again in a tizzy as reported sightings of both Yang Mi and rumoured beau Wei Daxun spark speculations that they were living together. Since whispers of a relationship started circling the pair last year, both stars have been careful not to be photographed together. Today however, the speculation came at the heels of reports saying the stars were spotted leaving the same community parking area.

Now the photos of the two people assumed to be the couple were quite blurry and they weren’t even spotted at the same time, so take this with a grain of salt please. But what could’ve possibly set off co-habiting speculations was the fact that they reportedly came from the same building. Not to mention the two people assumed to be the couple were sporting “his and hers” blue tops further giving credence to the possibility.

Yang Mi and Wei Daxun Exiting Separately from the same building

Whether Yang Mi and Wei Daxun are a couple has long been a debated topic. Any chance that they’re spotted within the vicinity of each other, you can be sure that dating rumours will follow. There was that time last year when they were supposedly shopping together and returned to the same hotel although separately. Then there was that sighting in April when the actor got into Yang Mi’s car and headed towards the same hotel. The actor’s assistant brought the ice creams they were spotted eating before going back in. It was said that the actress was in town because it was Wei Daxun’s birthday on the 12th.

This probably won’t be the last we’ll all hear about the topic despite Wei Daxun’s previous denial of the chatter. As long as there are photographs that suggest the existence of a romance between the two, the public’s imagination will surely be engaged. Whatever the case, I wish them both happiness and good luck in their endeavours.

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