Yang Mi and Wei Daxun Dating Rumors Resurface After Being Spotted Together at the Same Hotel Again

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A gossip column released an exclusive today which reignited dating rumors between Yang Mi and Wei Daxun. According to their reports, Wei Daxun who was in Shanghai had finished shooting his drama Astringent Girls on April 7 when he got into the same car as Yang Mi and headed to the same hotel. His assistant bought the two ice cream which they were spotted eating before heading upstairs. Yang Mi had no schedule at the time as her new drama has been postponed. She flew to Guangzhou on April 10 for her reality show Great Escape 2 but returned to Shanghai on April 12 with speculation that it was because it was Wei Daxun’s birthday that day. 

Yang Mi and Wei Daxun were caught in repeated dating rumors since last year when they were allegedly shopping together and spotted arriving at one hotel albeit separately. Perhaps, the most telling one was actor Shen Teng’s social media slip up when he cued Wei Daxun while commenting on Yang Mi’s photo. There were also breakup rumors at one point alleging that the two have parted ways because Yang Mi was unhappy with how Wei Daxun was creating buzz using their relationship. 
Well, that’s a lot of gossip to digest. This is one pair that I actually would like to see so if it happens to be true, I’m happy for them! And if they’re just friends, that’s fine too!
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