The Internet Is All Agog After Yang Mi and Wei Daxun Are Spotted Entering the Same Hotel

great escape yang mi wei daxun
In the past two years alone, Yang Mi and Wei Daxun have had quite a few interactions as the two participated in the the same variety shows together: Great Escape and Who’s the KeymanThe rumour mill has been in a tizzy of excitement today as news broke that Yang Mi and Wei Daxun have been spotted entering the same hotel albeit separately in Shanghai. 

According to chatter, Yang Mi returned to the hotel after filming for her current drama Thank You Doctor wrapped up for the day. Later that evening, a man wearing a grey cap which people assumed to be Wei Daxun because they say it’s THE hat, walked into the hotel alone. The man apparently stayed overnight as it was not until six in the morning the next day that he left when a car came to pick him up. Supposedly, after exiting the hotel, the man reluctantly looked back at the hotel a couple of times before striding away and hopping into the waiting car. Wei Daxun was also in town to attend the 2019 Cosmo Beauty Awards held at the Shangri-la Hotel which was across town.
yang mi wei daxun
Netizens have really been trying hard to manifest a relationship into reality between the pair. In July, media reported that the actor visited Yang Mi while she was filming on set in Dalian. Then there were the rumours that the two lived only one street apart from each other.  In August, netizens have reported spotting the pair allegedly shopping together. The rumour mill has certainly been going on overdrive whenever these two are concerned! Why just recently, a cap the two actors were wearing on separate instances caught the attention of eagle eyed netizens who claim that Yang Mi and Wei Daxun were wearing the same cap or should I say .. sharing the same cap. Apparently, the hat bore identical scratch markings and dent marks based from the side by side comparison of photographs eager Netizens have done which of course further fuelled the dating rumours between the two.
Wei Daxun had previously denied the rumours that he and Yang Mi were dating. With these latest photographs circulating the net, we’ll just have to wait for them to confirm or deny anything in their own time.
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