Wei Daxun Denies Dating Rumors With Yang Mi

Wei Daxun Denies Dating Rumors With Yang Mi
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You know you’re famous when people watch your every move.  It’s something that comes with being a celebrity, unfortunately.  Actor Wei Daxun suddenly trended on the net last night for allegedly going out with a certain famous someone.

A netizen took photos of him with someone who’s silhouette seems to look like Yang MiIt’s a big deal because Yang Mi has just resumed her single status after ending her marriage with Hawick Lau late last year.  Yang Mi is two years older than Wei Daxun and they have worked together on the variety shows Who’s the Keyman and Great Escape. Wei Daxun has also admitted to being a fan of Yang Mi in the past and the two are gaming friends. 

wei daxun yang mi
Like piecing puzzles together, netizens noticed that the woman wore an outfit that Yang Mi had and that the woman in question bore a birthmark on her leg which was strikingly similar to the one Yang Mi has.  Some have commented that the woman wasn’t Yang Mi since the birthmark was not in the right position. Moreover, given Yang Mi’s star power, Wei Daxun received criticism for trying to ride on the actress’s popularity. 

Although there was initially no response from both sides, Wei Daxun eventually took to Weibo to deny the dating rumors. He thanked everyone for their concern and said that he was simply shopping with a friend. He did not clarify who he was with. 
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