Jing Boran and Song Weilong Spotted as Zhang Gongan Holds Boot Ceremony

Zhang Gonggan FI
Zhang Gongan's Jing Boran and Song Weilong

A few days ago, Huanyu films head honcho Yu Zheng triggered some curiosity after hinting about “a big pie” he managed to score for Song Weilong. Well, now we know what that pie is when both Song Weilong AND Jing Boran were spotted attending The Society of Four Leaves (Zhang Gongan ’s) 张公案 boot ceremony yesterday, August 29. Yup, it appears the rumour mill was indeed bang on the money when it came to which actors were on the casting lineup, except both actors luckily landed roles in the Zhang Gongan cast!

Zhang Gongan's Song Weilong and Jing Boran
Song Weilong and Jing Boran (in green) spotted at Zhang Gongan’s boot ceremony yesterday

The Society of Four Leaves is a historical crime mystery and word on the street is that Song Weilong has been cast to play the scholarly Zhang Ping whilst Jing Boran as the Minister of Rituals Lan Jue. The casting lineup also includes several familiar faces such as Bloody Romance’s second lead Wang Duo and Love and Redemption baddie Liu Xueyi.  Song Weilong also reunites with his In a Class of Her Own co-star Bi Wenjun in the show.

Zhang Gongan's Jing Boran


Casting for the drama adaptation caused a bit of a stir earlier in the week after the book’s author Dafeng Guaguo shared her dismay over the actor picked to play Zhang Ping. On her personal social media, she said “I object to a certain actor playing Zhang Ping because a certain drama he starred in crossed the line…” Netizens have been quick to surmise that she’s referring to Song Weilong since he starred in Untouchable Lovers, a Yu Zheng produced and screen written drama that allegedly plagiarised one of her works.

At one point, Leo Wu Lei and Ethan Ruan‘s names were also being tossed around as potential Zhang Pings together with the other two. But the author responded with a NO when someone asked in the comments if she’s talking about Ethan. Wu Lei on the other hand was rumoured to have had a falling out with Tencent over top billing issues for this drama.

Zhang Gongan The Society of the Four Leaves Poster

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