Now Deleted Photos Shared by Kim Soo-hyun Ignite Rumours He’s Dating Kim Ji-Won

Now Deleted Photos Shared by Kim Soo-hyun Ignite Rumours He’s Dating Kim Ji-Won

There’s nary a doubt the rumourmill is working overtime today after now deleted photos posted by Kim Soo-hyun sparked a frenzy of dating rumours with his Queen of Tears co-star Kim Ji-won.  According to speculation, the selfies posted by the South Korean actor were just too similar to the ones just posted by Ji-won for it to be a coincidence, hence the theory that these were lovestagrams between the two. Of course, the immediate removal of the photos from Kim Soo-hyun’s Instagram profile also didn’t help to quell speculation.

What many are speculating as a “lovestagram” which essentially is a tool used by celebrity couples to hint at a romantic relationship by sharing similar photos

Just like showbiz couple “BinJin” whose romance was a prime example of “reel to real”, Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won met whilst working together on Queen of Tears where the palpable chemistry between the two has fans speculating that their feelings for each other are real. Now if that was indeed the case, fans will truly be in alt since many were hoping to see the onscreen couple take their romance off-screen just like Hyun Bin and Son Yejin did after filming Crash Landing on You.

As for Kim Soo-hyun immediately deleting three of the four photos he just uploaded, many believe the actor did so to avoid dating rumours with his co-star. Ironic though that it seems to have only served to fan the flames further. Meanwhile, at present, both Kim Soo-hyun’s agency and Kim Ji-won’s label have both declined to respond.

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