Kim Soo Hyun’s Cameo in Crash Landing On You a Welcome Treat for Viewers!

kim soo hyun crash landing on you
Blink and you’ll have missed it is what they’d usually say to describe Kim Soo Hyun’s (very) fleeting appearing in last night’s episode (ep 10) of the South Korean rom-com Crash Landing On You. I say you don’t have to (not) blink, because although Kim Soo Hyun’s cameo was indeed very brief, it was honestly kinda hard to miss him in character as Won Ryu Hwan with his messy bowl cut and bright kelly green trackies. Not exactly a forgettable look for anyone *lol*

kim soo hyun crash landing on you
In the drama, a glimpse of a green trackie clad person can be seen following the five North Korean agents walking stiffly as they came to bring Ri Jung Hyuk, Hyun Bin’s character, back. Lo and behold, it turns out to be Ryu Hwan! The sleeper agent tells the five that he’s been in the country far longer than them and that he hasn’t been allowed back home yet despite waiting for a long time already. He goes on to counsel them that “this is a place where people live too. Don’t be afraid.”
secretly greatly

If you’ve watched the 2013 movie Secretly, Greatly, his character as Won Ryu Hwan/Dong Gu should have made an impression on you, after all, the top North Korean spy assigned as a sleeper agent to South Korea disguised himself of all things, as the clumsy village idiot – hence his always grinning dopey countenance. Definitely a far cry from his super suave look the gorgeous Jun Ji-Hyun fell head over heels over in My Love from the Star but still as memorable – especially when you see how he quickly goes back and forth between his bumbling idiot persona to lethal spy.

Since his appearance on the drama, people have been freaking out (in a good way) especially fans who have missed seeing Kim Soo Hyun on the small screens. Just the right kind of buzz to boost his comeback into dramaland once Psycho But It’s Okay airs sometime this year. On another note, Crash Landing On You will take a temporary break during Lunar New Year. Episode 11 resumes broadcast on Feb 1. 
crash landing on you

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