“The Queen Of Tears” Finale Sets Record As Highest Rated TvN Drama, Ranks Third Among Top 10 K-Dramas On Cable

"The Queen Of Tears" Finale Sets Record As Highest Rated TvN Drama, Ranks Third Among Top 10 K-Dramas On Cable
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The Queen of Tears had its finale last night, concluding its remarkable run on television. Despite facing criticism for its melodramatic plot twists that just seemed too “makjang” in the episodes leading up to the finale—what with the heroine’s amnesia, the male lead’s car accident, and kidnapping—the show prevailed, giving viewers a satisfying conclusion. Now that it has ended, it will undoubtedly be remembered fondly as a phenomenal series.

This success marks a significant milestone for both Kim Soo Hyun who’s back with another certified hit and Kim Ji Won who cements her position as a sought after leading lady in the industry. While The “Queen of Tears” may not have surpassed Kim Soo Hyun’s previous highest ratings from hits like “My Love from the Star” and “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” which achieved 28% and surpassed 40% respectively, it’s definitely a remarkable achievement considering the limitations of cable networks having lower ratings to begin with. Without a doubt, the show has made history in the realm of K-drama.

The Queen of Tears Episode Ratings

From its premiere to its finale, ‘The Queen of Tears’ embarked on a journey of ratings success. The series debuted with a modest viewership of 5.853% in its first episode, gradually gaining momentum in subsequent weeks. By the midpoint of its run, ‘The Queen of Tears’ had already surpassed the 10% mark, then the 20% mark, signalling its growing popularity among audiences. As the series approached its climax, anticipation reached a fever pitch, culminating in a finale rating of 24.850%, the highest in tvN history.

Most Recent top 10 tvN dramas by ratings:

  1. The Queen of Tears (2024) – 24.850%
  2. Crash Landing on You (2019) – 21.683%
  3. Reply 1988 (2015) – 18.803%
  4. Goblin (2016) – 18.680%
  5. Mr. Sunshine (2018) – 18.129%
  6. Mr. Queen (2020) – 17.371%
  7. Crash Course in Romance (2023) – 17.038%
  8. Under the Queen’s Umbrella (2022) – 16.852%
  9. Vincenzo (2021) – 14.636%
  10. Our Blues (2022) – 14.597%

Top 10 K-Dramas on cable TV by ratings:

  1. The World of the Married (JTBC) – 28.371%
  2. Reborn Rich (JTBC) – 26.948%
  3. The Queen of Tears (tvN) – 24.850%
  4. SKY Castle (JTBC) – 23.779%
  5. Crash Landing on You (tvN) – 21.683%
  6. Reply 1988 (tvN) – 18.803%
  7. Goblin (tvN) – 18.680%
  8. Doctor Cha (JTBC) – 18.546%
  9. Mr. Sunshine (tvN) – 18.129%
  10. Extraordinary Attorney Woo (ENA) 17.534%

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