“The Queen of Tears” Has Everyone Praying for a Happy Ending

"The Queen of Tears" Has Everyone Praying fo a Happy Ending

It may still be too early to call it, but for ‘The Queen of Tears‘ fans, the show is undoubtedly the best drama of 2024. In fact, it’s the finest K-drama I’ve seen in quite some time. What sets it apart is its ability to do more than just tell a compelling story; the writing, acting, and directing all converge to create perfection. It’s no surprise that the show has shattered records, climbing tvN’s top 10. With still some episodes to go, the most recent episode 12 has reached a new series high for ‘The Queen of Tears’ at 20.732%, closing the gap with ‘Crash Landing on You,‘ tvN’s highest-rated drama thus far with 21.683%. [Spoilers from recent developments ahead.]

A Heroine with Cloud Cytoma

But there continues to be an elephant in the room: Hong Haein’s (Kim Ji Won) terminal illness with cloud cytoma. The narrative unfolded beautifully as we witnessed a couple whose marriage was faltering rediscover love, incidentally, catalyzed by this devastating illness. The recent episode is a rollercoaster of emotions due to a death in the family, yet we also saw the couple rekindle their honeymoon phase. But then the waterworks start again when the heroine turned down Baek Hyun Woo’s (Kim Hyun Soo) marriage proposal. Despite the underlying sadness, the show maintains its rom-com essence, skillfully portrayed when the heroine sneakily tries on the engagement ring, only to be caught red-handed by the male lead, leading to the most adorable moment.

While we all knew from the beginning that the heroine is dying, viewers yearn for a happy ending. With just a few episodes left, I’m pleading for the writers to grant us that joy. Last night, the show trended once more, but what truly shocked me was seeing it trending on Chinese social media due to a purported ‘leaked photo’ of a tombstone that reads Hae-In Hong. This has to be fake! If cloud cytoma is indeed a fictional illness (correct me if I’m wrong), then let the heroine defy the odds and miraculously recover. After all, life’s too short for anything less than a happy ending. It may be “The Queen of Tears,” but perhaps it can be tears of joy.

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