“The Outcast” Film Version Stars Hu Xianxu and Vanda Margraf

The OUtcast
The Outcast

The live-action film adaptation of The Outcast 异人之下 is on its way! The fantasy action flick is directed by famed director Wuershan, the man behind Creation of the Gods, so expect an even grander affair. The popular manhua the film is based on has already produced a drama adaptation starring Peng Yuchang. But if you’re completely new to the story, the film also released some pretty eye-catching posters reminiscent of trading cards showcasing the characters and their super powers to give you an idea. You’ll also get to see their unique Qi colours – the basis of their powers, in the new posters.

It boasts a cast led by Hu Xianxu who had his start as a child actor opposite Chinese-German actress Vanda Margraf who had her start in the film industry in Ip Man 4: The Finale. Actors Feng Shaofeng and Qiao Zhenyu take supporting roles along with Song Ningfeng, Creation of the Gods breakout star, Russian-Mongolian actress Narana Erdyneeva (Naran), Na Er Na Xi, Lan Xiya, Wu Jiakai, Liu Chunyan, Sang Ping and veteran actor Wang Jinsong.

The Outcast Brings Comedy and Action

Since meeting the mysterious knife-wielding Feng Baobao (Vanda Margraf), Zhang Chulan (Hu Xianxu) has been sucked into a chaotical world. If being drowned in a tub to activate his potential super powers is any indication, things are just bound to get crazier as his powers start to manifest. Whereas he once hid his identity as a “super”, Chulan stands at the centre of a brewing fight amongst various sects once his identity as heir to a much coveted martial arts technique passed down by his grandfather is revealed. As different sects descend and a battle over him breaks out, Zhang Chulan accidentally uncovers secrets of the past.

Whilst this is a fantasy action flick, lead actor Hu Xianxu bring a dose of comedy to the story that kind of reminds me of Stephen Chow’s Shaolin Soccer. Just a smidge, mind. But also, did anyone notice poor Hu Xianxu getting a beating in the two minute trailer? If he’s not being slapped, hit by a shovel, or getting punched, he’s getting struck by thunder. Enterprising Netizens even counted the number of times – nine to be exact. Good thing he got himself some superpowers to keep him alive yah.

The live-action film adaptation of The Outcast will be out in theatres on July 26.

Feng Shaofeng, Qiao Zhenyu
Live-Action Film Version of The Outcast
Live-Action Film Version of The Outcast
Live-Action Film Version of The Outcast
Wang Jinsong

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