The Land of Warriors (Douluo Continent Season 2): New Promos, Cast Changes, and What to Expect

The Land of Warriors (Douluo Continent Season 2): New Promos, Cast Changes, and What to Expect

The much-anticipated sequel to the live-action adaptation of Douluo Continent, The Land of Warriors (斗罗大陆2), has finally dropped new promos. It’s been three years since the first season, starring Xiao Zhan, graced our screens. As a fan of the actor, I would have loved to see the original cast return, but Douluo Continent 2 features a fresh lineup since filming wrapped up in September 2023.

Meet the New Cast

The new cast leans younger, with actor Zhou Yiran, who is in his early 20s, stepping into the role of Tang San. Known for his roles in youth dramas, this marks Zhou Yiran’s first foray into the xuanhuan fantasy action genre. Given the popularity of “The Land of Warriors,” which is based on the novel and animated series “Soul Land,” this is a significant move for him.

Zhang Yuxi plays the new Xiao Wu. It’s actually much easier to accept the change as the 33-year-old actress has previously cosplayed as Xiao Wu and earned much praise for looking the part. The 8-year age gap between the two leads isn’t noticeable given her youthful appearance.

Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing Live Action

Controversy Surrounding Oscar

The new cast hasn’t been without its hiccups. For a time, fans noticed the Shrek Seven Devils featured only six members. This led to speculation about the absence of the actor playing Oscar. The rumors centered around Chu Zijun, the newbie actor originally cast in the role, who faced accusations of sexual assault. Although these accusations were never confirmed, he was removed from promos in another drama, “My Journey to You,” despite his scenes being retained. In “The Land of Warriors,” recent promos feature a different actor as Oscar.

The Shrek Seven Devils now include:

  • Zhou Yiran as Tang San
  • Zhang Yuxi as Xiao Wu
  • Luke Chen as Dai Mubai
  • Snow Kong as Zhu Zhuqing
  • Ding Jiawen as Ma Hongjun
  • Zhou Jingbo as Ning Rongrong
  • Cao Zishuo as Oscar

Special appearances include Snow Kong’s fellow THE9 member Kiki Xu Jiaqi and idol-turned-actress Liu Xiening while Li Xiaoran takes on the role as Bibi Dong.

Li Xiao Ran as Bibi Dong

What to Expect in Season 2

The new season picks up after the contest, with the seven friends continuing their training and making a pact to reunite after five years. They face a familiar enemy, Bibi Dong of the Spirit Hall, now portrayed by esteemed actress Li Xiaoran, who recently impressed audiences with her role as the deranged crown princess in “Joy of Life 2.” The storyline is expected to take the characters to the Haishen Island arc.

While there are concerns about the the fates of sequels, given how”Fights Break Sphere,” which is another popular xuanhuan returned with a live-action that was less received than the first, it’s worth noting that the first season of “Douluo Continent” also faced criticism for plot changes. However, the new season seems to follow the original plot more closely, which should be a plus for fans of the original. The trailer also indicates improved graphics.

The Land of Warriors Douluo Continent 2 supporting cast

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