Luo Yunxi Car Mixup at Airport Ends with Apology

Luo Yunxi Apologizes After Airport Car Incident Goes Viral

Chinese actor Leo Luo Yunxi, who has been gearing up for the upcoming drama “Follow Your Heart,” recently found himself in an awkward situation due to a car mix-up. It’s not unheard of that celebrity arrivals at the airport can be chaotic; it’s happened before where staff picked up the wrong celeb. This time around, staff ushered Luo Yunxi to the wrong car.

The 35-year-old actor arrived at Beijing Airport yesterday, June 18. Leo Luo Yunxi can be seen escorted by black-clad staff members who were guiding him to a car parked by the roadside but they mistook another person’s car for his. The incident quickly went viral online as it was caught on video. A frustrated female car owner shouted, “Heavens, my car!” In the same clip, Luo Yunxi can be heard reacting, “How smug.” This remark sparked discussion.

Luo Yunxi airport incident
Screencap from Weibo

Some criticized the female car owner with comments such as “No manners” and “Clearly going through menopause,” while some criticized the actor. Late that night, Luo Yunxi posted: “I tried to ease the awkward situation but failed. Please, everyone, do not follow my example. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to the car owner.” His studio also issued a statement, explaining that the mix-up at the airport was due to a staff member’s mistake and apologized to the public for the incident.

Meanwhile, some of Luo Yunxi’s fans have claimed that the viral video had been maliciously edited to make him look bad. They said that after the female car owner drove off, Luo Yunxi initially stood stunned before trying to lighten the mood with his comment. Nonetheless, this seems to be another case where an awkward moment could have been laughed off but came under intense scrutiny instead.

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