Song Weilong and Leo Wu Lei mixup leaves the wrong guy at the airport

Song Weilong Wu Lei mixup
On April 18, there were pictures going around weibo of Song Weilong (Untouchable Lovers) being picked up from the airport and another of Leo Wu Lei (Asura) with a ‘what just happened’ look.  Apparently, Wu Lei’s bodyguards who came to fetch him, picked up the mask-wearing Song Weilong instead.  I can only imagine the bewildered look from the people involved and the staff who came to get Song Weilong in the first place. Poor Wu Lei, the face palm just about sums up the moment ?. 

Song Weilong Wu Lei mixup
A similar incident happened to Song Weilong last time when he was surrounded by fans who mistook him for Hu Yi Tian. I don’t see the resemblance to Hu Yi Tian, but I can see it with Wu Lei and Song Weilong who have similar built and are similar in age, both being in their late teens. 
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