Li Hongyi Responds to Complaints About His Studio’s Photos: Maybe It’s Because I’m Just Ugly

Li HOngyi
Li Hongyi

First of, belated happy birthday to Li Hongyi! The actor turns 26 this year and to celebrate, he held a birthday live stream to interact with fans in real time.  Whilst celebrating another year around the sun should be a joyful occasion for anyone, I doubt though that responding to fan’s complaints about his Studio was what he had in mind for his big day.

In response to the question why his studio only releases very few photos and that they look ugly, Li Hongyi self-deprecatingly said it’s “because I’m ugly”. He said his Studio really tried their best but perhaps he’s just unattractive to begin with. So really, producing an ugly picture has nothing to do with them, nor does his lack of landing more work their fault, he said. “It’s my problem”. Though the 26-year-old did cheekily said he totally wouldn’t mind if scolding his Studio would make viewers feel better. He also jokingly added that he’s “already an old thing” being 26 and quickly approaching 30..

Li Hongyi
Photos released by Li Hongyi Studio for his birthday

Does this bring to mind Tao‘s case which ended with him saying he’ll no longer do photoshoots? Because although well-meaning, criticism from fans became a bit too much? Let’s hope it doesn’t reach that point. Nonetheless, many fans appreciated his response which showcased his down-to-earth humour and said he’s very real – he says what he thinks and is the sincere and open sort to his fans. Of course, many also objected to him describing himself as ugly.

Li Hongyi gained attention for his performance in 2022’s The Blood of Youth. Prior to that, he starred opposite actress Jackie Li in their hilarious drama The Legendary Life of Queen Lau. These days he’s been kept busy filming his upcoming costume historical opposite Wang Churan in the drama adaptation of the novel Records of a Fake Killer of the Song Dynasty titled  Feng Ying Ran Mei Xiang.

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