Kai Ko’s Birthday Party Brings Unexpected Guest: K-pop Idol Shuhua

Kai Ko's Birthday Party Brings Unexpected Guest: K-pop Idol Shuhua

Kai Ko just celebrated his 33rd birthday on June 18. The past year has been a successful one for the actor, with back-to-back hits in Taiwanese dramas “Imperfect Us” and “Let’s Talk about Chu.

For his birthday, Kai Ko shared a glimpse of his celebration over hotpot. Of course, he also held up his birthday cake, decorated in blue with a photo of Frieren, the character also featured as his profile picture. Everyone huddled together for the group photo and standing beside him as he held up his birthday cake was Shuhua, the Taiwanese idol from the popular South Korean girl group (G)I-DLE, surprising both fans and guests who didn’t know they were acquainted.

Kai Ko birthday

The celebration saw a mix of Taiwanese stars, including Alyssa Chia, Matilda Tao with her husband Lee Lee-zen, Johnny Yang, and his wife Beatrice Fang. Johnny Yang, who also celebrates his birthday in June, shared photos taken with Shuhua on social media, captioning it, “Didn’t expect a birthday surprise.” Similarly, many left comments on seeing Shuhua, with fans expressing excitement at the unexpected get together.

In addition to the festivities, the guests recorded a special birthday message for Alyssa Chia’s daughter, Angel, who celebrated her 19th birthday on June 19.

Photos: johnny__bms, kaikaiko

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