Shuhua from Kpop Group (G)I-DLE Back in Taiwan Shooting Back to Back Variety Shows

Shuhua from Kpop Group (G)I-DLE Back in Taiwan Shooting Back to Back Variety Shows
Photos: @yeh.shaa and @hello.puppy.official / Instagram

Look who’s currently back home in Taiwan. Yeh Shuhua, the only Taiwanese member of the Kpop group (G)I-DLE is quietly back in her hometown for a couple of projects (and maybe a quick break). She has since been spotted filming with seasoned television hosts like Dee Hsu and Matilda Tao Ching-ying.

On March 9, Shuhua appeared on the set of Dee Hsu’s talk show Dee Girls Talk (小姐不熙娣). Meeting each other for the first time, Dee told Shuhua before the cameras rolled that her daughters were big fans. In fact, they wanted to be there on set to meet her. Although Dee vetoed their request, she did invite the Kpop star over to her house to meet her kids on the off chance that she’s available. They surely will be weak-kneed when they meet her, says Dee. It seems Dee also tried really hard to earn those brownie points for her children, even resorting to ask Shuhua’s manager if she can just ride with her back home. Thankfully, she graciously accepted.

Taiwan talk show hosts Dee Hsu and Matilda Tao
Photos: elephantdee and momoleelee / Instagram

The episode of Dee Girls Talk with Shuhua is set to premiere on April 3. With Dee Hsu whose known for being an unfiltered talk show host and Shuhua who’s also quite bold and outspoken, it’ll be interesting to see their interactions.

Meanwhile, Matilda Tao first teased her collaboration with Shuhua when she posted a photo of the official lightstick for (G)I-DLE. On March 10, Shuhua appeared on the set of Matilda’s pet reality show Hello! Puppy (哈囉! 毛小孩). Shuhua is known to have two dogs Haku and Mata, both of which are poodles. Shuhua is a vocalist, visual and maknae or the youngest member of the South Korean girl group (G)I-DLE.

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