Alyssa Chia’s Daughter Wrote “My Great Love” to Caption Her Photo with Singer ØZI

Angelina Chia
Alyssa Chia daughter
Alyssa Chia’s daughter Angel with rapper ØZI

Celebrity circles are notoriously small so it’s not surprising when celebrity kids also hangout with each other. Shared experiences and all that. Recently, Alyssa Chia’s eldest daughter Angel Sun shared a photo of herself hanging out with another celebrity offspring, Taiwanese singer Irene Yeh’s son Stefan Chen Yi-fan who’s better known as rapper ØZI. “Hey hey my great love @ozifp” she captioned on the post which has already gotten close to 14k likes to date. The 18-year-old also popped up clips of the two of them singing and dancing together on Instagram Stories.

Angel Sun and OZI

If there’s anything that excites the rumourmill to pieces, it’s news of a blossoming romance. As expected there’d already been some speculation that the post could be a confession of sorts from Angel to the 26-year-old rapper. But then again, they could really just be friends. After all, it isn’t the first time people tried to “match” her up with another celebrity kid, the most recent one being with Gary Chaw’s son Joe. As mum Alyssa would later put it, it really was just a huge misunderstanding. “They’re young, so don’t get too excited. Everyone can just be good friends”.

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