Gary Chaw Announces Divorce After 14 Years of Marriage

Gary Chaw Announces Divorce After 14 Years of Marriage
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It has been a month since Gary Chaw was seemingly crying out for help when he talked about being abandoned and leaving not because he doesn’t love but because he loves too much. It was not the first outburst he’s had as last March, he and his wife’s social media posts raised speculation that their marriage was on the rocks.

On November 26, the 43-year-old singer-songwriter took to Instagram to announce that he and wife Wu Shuling have indeed ended their 14-year marriage. In a statement from Gary and Shuling, they said there were many beautiful moments. However, in the latter half of their marriage, they both often lived without being able to understand each other. They said no one is right or wrong, and they both worked hard on their marriage. They hope that taking a step back can allow them to understand each other better. Their common goal is to take care of their children together and they hope everyone can give them their space and privacy. To end, they wrote, “To have a peaceful resolution is what we both wish for. Thank you for everyone’s concern.”

Gary Chaw and Wu Shuling have two kids, eldest son Joe Chaw and daughter Grace Chaw who is 2 years younger. Both appeared with their dad on the Chinese reality show Where Are We going, Dad?

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