After Gary Chaw’s Late Night Rant, His Wife Also Takes to Social Media to Share Her Sentiments

Gary Chaw
Gary Chaw and Wife Wu SHuling
Gary Chaw and his wife Wu Shuling

Malaysian singer Gary Chaw is in and out of the news lately first after being caught on camera shouting expletives in a restaurant and then recently going on a long late night rant on social media. Today, his wife Wu Shuling also took to social media with a sentimental post where she says, “how am I going to heal the hurt..” Gary has been married to his wife Wu Shuling since 2008 and they have two kids together.

A Sudden Late-Night Rant About His Wife

The singer who is based in Taiwan made a post on social media yesterday asking Taiwanese host Pauline Lan Hsin-Mei to “stop taking out my wife to meet men”. Gary’s post didn’t stay up that long, and it was then that things truly started to take a strange turn.

Again taking to Facebook to vent his feelings, the singer wrote in English “Wow. I don’t have freedom even in my own fb. Well what is freedom.? BHhah it’s bullshit. Freedom is our own mind without control or manipulation from outside … Sounds weird and difficult. But hey …. F*ck ya!! I’m in!!!” he wrote. He then fired off another post in Chinese which said “deleted, it just keeps getting deleted. Ok.” But that’s not the end to the story yet. Gary’s rant continued with him saying that his thoughts are being deleted by his company and that well, it’s an early april fool’s in his next post. The singer finally wrapped it up with a “let me sleep and never ever wake up” comment which to be honest is equally just as alarming.

When Life Throws You Lemons …

Today, Gary’s wife Wu Shuling broke her silence to share her sentiments on social media.

There are many things in a person’s life that you only realise once you encounter the situation that there’s no such thing as – if I’d known. In the past, I’d always compromise and accept. Now that I’m seeing things more clearly, I realise I still have to face it.

Having faced it ~ How I am going to heal the hurt, I can only reassure myself things will get better. Facing your hurts is a big undertaking, especially when facing your inner fears. A person’s fear will make them feel helpless and afraid. It’s deeply ingrained in me. It’s the task I’m trying to deal with now. I’m thinking, God must be stroking his beard whilst saying this is a test for the strong. Nothing a person confronts in their life is insurmountable. In the end, it’s just a process.

If like me, you are in the middle of facing one of life’s challenges, let’s cheer each other on.  I look forward to the immediate return of being happy and being at ease once again.

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