Are Alyssa Chia’s Daughter’s “Sexy” Outfits Worrying Her Stepdad?

Alyssa CHia and Xiu Jie Kai Worry About  Daughter Angelina’s “Sexy” Outfits
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It seems the girl we all saw in Alyssa Chia and Xiu Jie Kai’s Bali wedding has now blossomed into a young lady. Angelina Sun, Alyssa’s first child from her previous marriage to businessman Sun Zhihao is now 17 and like most teens, often shares a lot of selfies and OOTDs on social media. Whilst some say we’re no longer living in the middle ages hence have the freedom to dress however way we want, Angelina’s stepfather Xiu Jie Kai though is a wee bit concerned that her outfits might be a little too sexy for a 17-year-old.

At seventeen, I remember I was pretty much still trying to find my own style so my lewks were either a hit or a miss. In some of the looks Angelina shared on Instagram, a recent one saw her wearing a low cut crop top with a mini skirt and fishnet stockings. Her outfit even caught the eye of her uncle, Wesley Chia, who left a funny comment saying “seeing you dressed in hole-y stockings hurts my heart. When you get back, uncle will take you out to buy a new pair!“. Likewise, for Halloween, the seventeen year-old’s costume bared some cleavage whilst sporting thigh high stockings. Last month, Angelina’s photo received praise from commenters saying she looks a lot like her mom. Meanwhile, stepdad Xiu Jie Kai wrote, “Is you tongue okay?” to which Angelina responded, “haha” 

Xiu Jie Kai, Alyssa Chia and daughterr Angelina

Parental Guidance

In his recent public appearance, Xiu Jie Kai, perhaps feeling a bit protective of her shared that he would often leave comments on Angelina’s social media to remind her. “Because some are really too over the top (sexy) and it doesn’t look look that good.” However he said he would get a “mind your own business” response from her. In the end, he says, “You guys help persuade her.”

Privately though, he said he and wife Alyssa Chia would remind her not to show off too much skin and that she usually listens. Although he says he understands how girls her age would want to show their figures (and he’s totally okay with that), he just wants to make sure she won’t accidentally expose herself or leave herself open to being upskirted.

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