Chen Zheyuan and Victor Ma Reunite for Recent Event

Hidden Love stars reunited
Photo: Chen Zhe Yuan, Victor Ma / Weibo

Fans of the hit drama “Hidden Love” will be thrilled to know that Chen Zheyuan and Victor Ma Boqian have reunited for a recent event. The duo even took some time to perform one of those viral songs on social media together complete with a photoshoot in their performance outfits.

Chinese actor Chen Zheyuan had his breakout role in 2023’s “Hidden Love,” where he starred alongside Zhao Lusi. In the same drama, Chinese-American singer-rapper-actor Victor Ma Boqian played the heroine’s older brother, making fans eager to see the “in-laws” reunite. This event isn’t even their first reunion, though as they also shared photos earlier this month.

Chen Zhe Yuan and Victor Ma

The two had previously worked together in the popular movie franchise “Detective Chinatown 3.” In the film, which takes the main characters to Japan, Chen Zheyuan and Victor Ma played guest roles as Noda Koji and Yamamoto Yuta, respectively. The friendship between the actors who are same age buddies at 27 years old this year has clearly extended beyond their on-screen roles. Fans undoubtedly hope to see more collaborations in the future.

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