First Frost: Bai Jingting and Zhang Ruonan Spotted on Set

First Frost
Bai Jingting and Zhang Ruonan
Bai Jingting and Zhang Ruonan

Last summer’s hit drama Hidden Love saw the Sang siblings steal hearts with their witty banter. Hidden Love was all about Sang Zhi’s story. Now, Sang Yan also has his very own in the spin-off First Frost 难哄 which has already kicked off filming. Scrutiny has been intense on who will play Sang Yan and his love interest Wen Yifan. Ultimately, it seems Bai Jingting and Zhang Ruonan were the ones that landed the role.

Eternal Love manhua
Sang Yan and Wen Yifan from Eternal Love manhua

The story, which is part of a novel “universe” has a solid following amongst fans. There’s even a manhua adaptation called Eternal Love. It’s probably the reason why fans already have ideas about how the main characters should look way before casting even began. When the spin-off was just being discussed, fans enthusiastically put in their two cents on who they think should fill in the shoes of Sang Yan and Wen Yifan. For Sang Yan in particular, I’m not sure why Victor Ma Boqian wasn’t cast to reprise his role. He certainly drew a lot of attention when he played Sang Yan in the original. But some speculate that his image didn’t quite match with that of Sang Yan from the book.

Now that the cat is (unofficially) out of the bag – Bai Jingting has been spotted on the set as well as actress Zhang Ruonan. I suppose it’s safe to say we now have our Sang Yan and Wen Yifan. And should anyone require further proof of this, trending photos of the pair appearing together for the first time as they reenacted a supermarket scene from the novel should put to rest any more doubts. Then there’s also Zhang Miaoyi in the role of Sang Yan’s sister Sang Zhi.

First Frost leaked photos from set

First Frost tells the story of Sang Yan and Wen Yifan. They are two high school classmates who meet once again after years apart. By a twist of fate, Wen Yifan ends up living in a shared apartment with Sang Yan, the school mate whom she had rejected years ago. Touched by how Sang Yan seems to constantly take care of her, she finally admits her feelings for him.

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