TWICE’s Dahyun Rumored to Lead the Korean Movie Remake of ‘You Are the Apple of My Eye’

TWICE's Dahyun Rumored to Lead the Korean Movie Remake of 'You Are the Apple of My Eye'

TWICE’s Dahyun (Kim Da Hyun) is poised to make her mark in the acting world with reports of her lead role in the Korean remake of Taiwanese film “You Are the Apple of My Eye.” The news has ignited excitement among fans and represents a significant milestone in Dahyun’s career.

According to reports from South Korean media outlet Xportnews, the Korean adaptation of “You Are the Apple of My Eye” promises to preserve the essence of the original while offering a fresh perspective tailored for Korean audiences. Dahyun has already established herself as a talented performer within the music industry as part of girl group TWICE and her potential casting as the female lead, Shen Chia-yi, originally played by Michelle Chen, showcases her commitment to exploring new creative avenues.

This development follows the 25-year-old star’s upcoming acting debut in the independent feature film “Power Run,” making the potential role in the “You Are the Apple of My Eye” remake her second movie project. The film is poised to follow the footsteps of other successful adaptations, such as the remake of “Someday or One Day,” titled “A Time Called You,” starring Ahn Hyo-seop, Jeon Yeo-been, and Kang Hoon, as well as “Secret: Untold Melody” featuring EXO’s D.O, actress Won Jin A, and Shin Ye Eun. These adaptations highlight the growing synergy between Korean and Taiwanese cinema. As production details continue to emerge, fans eagerly anticipate confirmation from TWICE’s agency, JYP Entertainment.

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