Huang Junjie’s Agency Claps Back Amid ‘Fu Shan Hai’ Casting Controversy

"Huang Junjie Faces Netizen Backlash Over Possible Role in 'Fu Shan Hai'"

Recently, Cheng Yi kicked off filming for his newest costume drama “Fu Shan Hai” (赴山海). There’s a lot of anticipation given the male lead, but it seems there’s also controversy over Huang Junjie being spotted at the booting ceremony. Netizens guess that the 25-year-old actor may play the second male lead.

Huang Junjie has had a pretty good year, managing a strong comeback and rising to fame alongside co-star Xia Zhiguang in the BL-adapted series “The Spirealm.” Now that he’s in another high-profile drama, it seems a number of netizens are protesting this due to a previous controversy that saw him go on a sudden hiatus from showbiz in 2021. “Fu Shan Hai” was ultimately announced without Huang Junjie’s name in the roster, though it’s not clear what will happen to the actor and what role he’s supposed to play. Meanwhile, his agency states that online rumors claiming ‘Huang Junjie is a disreputable artist’ are baseless slander. They are also no longer going to respond on concerns about their artist’s personal life.

Statement from Huang Junjie's agency

Statement from Huang Junjie’s agency translated below:

1. Concerning the past and future rumors and gossip about Mr. Huang Junjie’s private life, from the perspective of protecting the artist’s privacy and not intending to occupy public resources, we will no longer respond publicly. Recently, Mr. Huang Junjie has received much attention and affection from many fans, but as an actor, we hope everyone will focus more on his work and less on his personal life. Huang Junjie will also strive to fulfill his duties as an actor and bring more works to everyone.

    2. The online rumors claiming “Huang Junjie is a disreputable artist” are baseless slander and have seriously infringed on Mr. Huang’s right to reputation, adversely affecting his normal work. We urge netizens not to believe these rumors and to stop spreading false information immediately. We will take appropriate legal action against those who maliciously spread defamatory remarks.

    3. Mr. Huang Junjie has always abided by the law and has not engaged in any illegal activities. We strongly condemn the acts of fabricating illegal facts and defaming Mr. Huang’s social reputation. We have authorized a law firm to handle this matter fully and pursue legal responsibility against those involved.

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    May 18, 2024

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