“Blossoms in Adversity” Finale A Bit Too Rushed?

"Blossoms in Adversity" Finale A Bit Too Rushed?

Blossoms in Adversity 惜花芷 recently aired its finale, and all in all, it’s definitely an ending that wrapped up each of the character’s journeys pretty nicely – no cliffhangers whatsoever and you may be sure the psycho emperor got his just desserts. In fact our two main characters even got their sailing off into the sunset moment!

A Good Ending to Satisfy Almost Everyone

After all the hardships thrown their way by the emperorheck Gu Yanxi and Hua Zhi were even forced to break up by the emperor, Hu Yitian and Zhang Jingyi’s characters pretty much got their happy ending. If this was a book, you could say viewers even got an epilogue out of it since the drama even included scenes from Gu Yanxi and Hua Zhi’s wedding and subsequent honeymoon sailing the seas!

Likewise, the entire Hua family also got their long awaited reunion with their wives and daughters after the emperor’s (Hai Yitian) death finally saw them home. The scene of the Hua womenfolk waiting by the city gates was particularly touching. What’s really sad though was that Hua Rong (Huang Sirui) couldn’t be there. Despite marrying Jiang Zhengzhi (Lu Qi), who’s a questionable character, and his scheming family, he had genuine feelings for her, yet it couldn’t alter the tragic course of their story, which ultimately ends in death.

As for the others, Zheng Zhi (Hu Jiahao), the bookish scholar, proposes to Hua Ling (Wang Qiaoxi). With the emperor gone, the Hua family is safe and Shen Qi (Caesar Wu) reinstated. Shao Yao (Lu Yuxiao) and Shen Huan (Bian Cheng), the younger siblings of Gu Yanxi and Shen Qi, also find their happy endings, as do guard Chen Qing (Hou Weitao) and Hua Zhi’s maid, Bao Xia (Wang Lina). Hua Qin (Liang Zhijing) married into the Sun family, initially underestimated by many, but eventually becoming a wealthy widow. Old and young, men and women, all find their stories reaching a satisfying conclusion.

Blossoms in Adversity supporting roles

Rushed Ending

If one had to nitpick, perhaps the pacing of the last six episodes in particular could’ve been better. For all its 40 episodes, the last couple episodes felt a wee bit too rushed with the production attempting to pack everything in before it ends. With all the endings for all of the characters that needed to be tied up, the plot lines for some felt like it lacked depth – the trade off of having too many characters arcs and too little time.

Even the way the emperor was killed was a bit too convenient. How could a super paranoid emperor end up drinking poison?  The way the other baddies were “dispatched” too felt quite speedy. Haoyue (Tian Ai) who turned out to be a spy planted to assassinate the emperor was stabbed by her co-conspirator, Prince Hui (Zhai Xiangyang). Then Prince Hui himself appeared to have also ingested the poison before getting killed of by Gu Yanxi.  

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