Hu Yitian on Co-Star Zhang Jingyi as Hua Zhi, “Blossoms in Adversity” Hits 10,000

Hu Yitian on Co-Star Zhang Jingyi as Hua Zhi

Blossoms in Adversity 惜花芷 didn’t have the best start, with criticisms towards the leads. An opening Douban score of 6.7 is also not the best. Despite the initial skepticism, the show has managed to captivate its audience with a well-paced storyline that avoids unnecessary drag. While at its core is a story about the women of the Hua family in the face of adversity, the series also presents a refreshing take on the romance between its main couple Hua Zhi and Gu Yanxi, portrayed by Zhang Jingyi and Hu Yitian. Notably, the show recently surpassed 10,000 on the Youku heat index, indicating its growing popularity. Given the success of similar titles like In Blossom, it seems that shows bearing the “blossom” moniker are proving to be a good luck charm.

In a recent interview, Hu Yitian talked about his impression of Hua Zhi. He said that at first, he [Gu Yanxi] might have been curious about Hua Zhi. He’d think, “this girl who stood up for me a few days ago on the street, and now I’m raiding her home, but she’s not like those typical maids or young mistresses who just cry and make a scene. After witnessing her resilience, I’d start to think that although I’m involved in surveilling her family, maybe if I’m the one doing the deed, I can take care of her a bit.”

The 30-year-old actor went on to talk about his 24-year-old co-star saying, “Zhang Jingyi is a very brave girl. Just when she learned to ride the horse, she immediately thought, ‘Can I make the horse run faster? Let me try.’ Suddenly, I felt that she had the same brave and resilient spirit as Hua Zhi.” The two portray characters who trust and support each other without succumbing to the typical convoluted drama. Hu Yitian shared he wasn’t used to the script at first. He felt it was different from so many that were about unreasonable conflicts and heartaches. He said, “Hua Zhi and Gu Yanxi are relatively sensible characters. So, this aspect actually made me feel refreshed.”

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