Netizens Feel for Samantha Ko After She’s Paired Again with Ji Lingchen as Her Acting Partner

Netizens Feel for Samantha Ko After She's Paired Again with Ji Lingchen on Reality Show
Samantha Ko and Ji Lingchen

Thanks to the extraordinary success of The Queen of News, TVB star Samantha Ko’s popularity and career has never been better. Last year, the Hong Kong actress won her first award after 15 years in the industry, all thanks to her playing a supporting actress as Cathy in The Queen of News. No wonder she’s practically a mentor to newer actors in the Chinese variety show Memories Beyond Horizons Season 2 无限超越班第二季. But judging from the cheeky “Samantha Ko Can’t Control Ji Lingchen” hashtag trending online, does that mean Samantha is having a bit of a hard time keeping actor Ji Lingchen in line?

The 30-year-old model-actor is also known for being Kan Qingzi’s ex-boyfriend. Nowadays, he’s talked about for being quite a loose cannon on the acting reality show where he’s a participant. From his demeanor, Ji Lingchen appears to be the playful sort who doesn’t seem to take things too seriously. Unfortunately for him, many also feel that his acting is the one that needs the most work.

To help him polish his acting and take it to another level, the show paired him with none other than Samantha Ko as his acting partner. And it’s not just once, but twice! This time, whilst preparing for their reenactment of last year’s big hit Lost in the Stars, Samantha counseled the actor to be more judicious with his “winging it based on how he’s feeling” attitude. “I’ll see when the time comes. I’ll perform based on how I feel” he said.

Samantha Ko and Ji Lingchen
Screencap from Memories Beyond Horizon / Youtube

Practising a Little Self-Restraint

It’s true that every actor has their own particular approach on the set yet it must be hard for the 37-year-old industry veteran with her years of experience as a TVB actress, to imagine someone just winging it and relying on feelings. Especially when the director is about to yell “action” but the actors on scene are still “all over the place”. That’s probably why she suggested he take a more disciplined approach.

I understand, but sometimes feelings aren’t something you can always control. Because your acting skills haven’t reached the level of perfection yet, you still need to reign it in. Don’t play around”. On the voice over, the actress said Ji Lingchen likes to change it up every time and seems to think he’ll just decide to do things based on how he feels when the time comes. “I feel like I can’t control him anymore” she confessed. Cue the hashtag.

Reenacting a scene from Lost in the Stars

Source: Memories Beyond Horizon / Youtube

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