Nene Zheng Naixin Loses Fans In China After Confirming Relationship With Bright Vachirawit

Nene Zheng Naixin Loses Fans In China After Confirming Relationship With Bright Vachirawit
Photos: Nene Zheng Nai Xin / Weibo

Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree shot to stardom with his breakthrough role in the 2020 boys’ love (BL) series “2gether,” where he starred alongside Win Metawin. In 2021, both Bright and Win became part of the F4 ensemble in Thailand’s version of “Boys Over Flowers,” further solidifying Bright’s star status as he took on the role of the new Dao Ming Si. Amidst swirling speculation about his personal life, the actor recently confirmed his relationship with former co-star Nene Zheng Naixin (Pornnappan Pornpenpipat), who interestingly portrayed the character “Air” in “2gether.” The confirmation came after leaked photos of the two holding hands on the streets of Japan.

Nene Sparks Backlash from Some C-Netz

Nene Zheng Naixin also stepped forward to confirm their relationship, expressing apologies for not sharing the news sooner but also standing by their decision. She described Bright as a warm-hearted person, while he considers her one of the most precious individuals he’s encountered. Bright also disclosed that they had been dating for a while and had been waiting for the right moment to share their love openly. When asked if Nene was his safe haven, he affirmed, “Absolutely.” However, Nene’s new relationship sparked backlash from some Chinese netizens.

While 26-year-old Nene is a Thai singer and actress, she gained further recognition by becoming a member of the C-pop girl group BonBon Girls 303 after finishing fifth in the reality show “Produce Camp 2020.” Since then, she has cultivated a dedicated fan base, participating in Chinese variety shows, releasing music and even taking the female lead role in the micro drama “Confess Your Love” opposite “The Untamed” actor Song Jiyang.

In Nene’s statement, she said, “As a public figure, I always tread carefully. What I want to emphasize is that we harbor no negative attitudes or thoughts towards anyone or any country. I genuinely love and respect fans from all around the world..” It appears her statement may have to do with what happened to Bright some years ago.

Bright Vachirawit
Photo: bbrightvc / Instagram

Bright’s Controversy in China

In 2020, Bright found himself embroiled in controversy in China for liking and retweeting a photographer’s post that referred to Hong Kong as a separate country. The photographer swiftly deleted the post and apologized. Bright also apologized and clarified that he hadn’t read the caption clearly. Not long after, Bright’s then-girlfriend, model Weeraya Sukaram, faced allegations of insulting Chinese people by retweeting a post suggesting China created COVID-19 in a lab. Months later, Bright issued a video apology on Chinese social media platform Weibo, which some Chinese netizens felt was too little, too late, while international fans deemed it unnecessary for him to even apologize.

During this time, Nene was just beginning her journey in China and had unfollowed Bright’s social media accounts before participating in the reality show “Produce Camp.” However, after winning the show, she faced controversy for liking an Instagram post of Bright’s. At the time, she denied doing so, citing a lack of internet access. She also expressed her love for China and revealed her Chinese ethnicity through her parents.

Nonetheless, some C-fans now feel betrayed by her relationship with Bright, and it seems the Thai actor is still garnering criticism over what happened. Nonetheless, many have also showed support for the new couple.

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