Bright and Nene’s Japan Trip Sparks Romance Rumors

Bright and Nene's Japan Trip Sparks Romance Rumors

Recently, Thai actor Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree and Thai-Chinese singer-actress Nene Zheng Naixin (Pornnappan Pornpenpipat) were spotted holding hands while in Japan, sparking speculation about their relationship. This coincided with the 26-year-old actor having shared photos of himself hanging out with friends on a night out in Tokyo. This news quickly spread on social media platforms, sparking discussions among fans.

Bright gained popularity for his portrayal of Thyme aka Dao Ming Si in F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers, the Thai adaptation of Meteor Garden. His handsome appearance and acting skills have garnered him a large fanbase not only in Thailand but also across Asia. On the other hand, Nene is a rising star in the Chinese entertainment industry. She participated in Produce Camp 2020 and successfully debuted as a member of Bonbon Girls 303, earning recognition for her sweet image and solid singing abilities.

It’s worth mentioning that Bright and Nene Zheng Naixin have previously worked together. She played a supporting role in Bright and Win’s hit BL 2gether: The series. Back in 2020, Nene faced criticism from some C-Netz after liking a post from Bright’s Instagram using her account, which she denied was her doing. At that time, Bright was embroiled in controversy in China and the singer-actress who began her career in Thailand had shifted her focus to China.

Photos: bbrightvc and Nene

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