Chen Zhuoxuan’s The Untamed Castmates Send Greetings as She Lands a Spot on Produce Camp 2020

chen zhuoxuan untamed produce 101 china
The third season of Produce Camp 2020 2020 also known as Produce 101 China promises yet again to be an entertaining spectacle as a couple of familiar faces in the c-ent industry can already be spotted in the just released participant roster. Amongst them is The Untamed actress Chen Zhuoxuan whom some of you might remember for her role as A-Qing in the drama’s Yi City arc.

yu bin untamed cast
Nine months have pretty much quickly flown by since the drama’s release but it looks like the castmates still remain close, as evidenced by how quickly they banded together to send Chen Zhuoxuan some love as soon as news of her participation in the show hit the streets. In character as cinnamon roll Wen Ning, Yu Bin reposted Chen Zhuoxuan’s poster from the show on his social media and said “planning to use my experience from selling radishes to shout out for A-Qing – vote – A-Qing, vote – A-Qing, vote – A-Qing!” with the many of The Untamed boys also quickly following suit to take up the battle cry of “let A-Qing into the camp!” on their social media pages. Awwww doesn’t it warm the heart to see how supportive they all are? 
song jiyang untamed cast
Song Jiyang: Everyone, please support Chen Zhuoxuan! Look forward to your beautiful stage! Go, go, go!
wang haoxuan untamed cast
Wang Haoxuan: Little blind, ate candy, so you can’t lose~
li bowen untamed cast
Li Bowen: Vote with me, #let A-Qing into the camp.
ji li untamed cast
Ji Li: Even if I don’t know the answers to one question, I know that A-Qing is worthy of being everyone’s pick! 
Zheng fanxing untamed cast
Zheng Fanxing: Add oil, add oil.
qi peixin untamed cast
Qi Peixin: Chen Zhuoxuan please debut in place.
guo cheng untamed
Guo Cheng: Pick Chen Zhuoxuan xiaomeimei (little sister).
wang yizhou
Wang Yizhou: I who don’t know music dropped off because of music, this time, aside from voting there’s not much I can help with. Qinghe Nie Sect sword spirit protects.
Chen Zhuoxuan has been in the entertainment industry for quite a few years now,.. Thanks to the popularity of The Untamed and the visibility Produce Camp 2020will soon give her, there’s nowhere to go for her but up!
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