Micro-Drama “Hard to Find” Starring Zhao Yiqin and Shen Yujie: A Surprising Gem

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Micro-short drama Hard to Find 难寻 has been out since April 2nd, and looking at the early reviews, it’s garnering quite a bit of attention. Word on the street is that despite this being classified as a micro-drama, the fantasy romance series is giving off the same vibes as a high quality production. That’s definitely a good thing, especially since these dramas with shorter episodes tend to look “low-budget” and lack depth due to the limited time to tell a story, Hard to Find breaks the mold entirely. The charismatic Zhao Yiqin stars in this one, appearing as He Lianxi opposite pretty actress Shen Yujie who plays the princess Feng Yuan.

Another Micro-Drama Hit for actor Zhao Yiqin

As far as starring in micro-dramas, Zhao Yiqin has certainly found his groove in the genre. In fact, the previous ones the 26-year-old actor had starred in such as Provoke and Butteflied Lover have gone on to amass dedicated fanbases. So far, audiences appear to be enjoying his performance in “Hard to Find” as the male lead who experiences a significant loss (I mean, what’s worse than genocide?) and then stages a comeback.

Meanwhile, despite playing a supporting role in last year’s Only for Love, Shen Yujie drew attention for her portrayal of Shi Yue. Her chemistry with Miles Wei who played a socially awkward professor in the series was really fun to watch. It’s great to see the 22-year-old actress managed to nab the female lead role in Hard to Find.

Image Courtesy of Viu

Hard to Find Synopsis

Three years ago, enemies of the powerful Linchuan clan schemed to bring about their downfall by marrying the princess Feng Yuan to the clan’s young master, never expecting she’d abandon her mission. When Feng Yuan’s brother launches an attack, she made a choice which resulted in He Lianxi being killed. However fate has other plans and resurrects Lianxi.  Lianxi goes in search of his wife who betrayed him only to find out she’s now the fiancée of Xijiu, played by Fang Xiao Dong.

Three years ago, Feng Yuan was injured and fell into a coma. She was rescued by Prince Shuoyun Xijiu by the river. When she eventually wakes, all her memories were lost save for the sacred leafy lianli tree that often appears in her dreams. Do you see now how much angst there is to go around?

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