Kim Soo Hyun’s Father Ties the Knot Again, Putting the Spotlight on the Actor’s Family Dynamics

Kim Soo Hyun's Father Ties the Knot Again: A Closer Look into the Actor's Family Dynamics

In the midst of the success of the Korean drama “The Queen’s Tears,” starring the beloved heartthrob Kim Soo Hyun, it has come to light that his father, Kim Choong Hoon who was the lead singer of the 80s South Korean rock band “Seven Dolphins,” has gotten married again. The 36-year-old actor’s personal life took a tumultuous turn in his childhood when his parents went through a divorce due to his father’s infidelity. Following the divorce, Kim Soo Hyun and his mother endured a challenging period, navigating life’s hardships together.

According to Korean media, Kim Choong Hoon remarried in a private ceremony held in Gangnam, Seoul on April 13, 2024. The 64-year-old singer’s new wife, referred to as An, has been his long-time partner. The wedding was an intimate affair, attended only by close friends. The couple reportedly aimed to keep the event low-key to avoid unnecessary attention and potential disruptions to Kim Soo Hyun’s ongoing drama series as well as family and friends.

Kim Choong Hoon also has a daughter, singer Kim Ju Na, who is Kim Soo Hyun’s half-sister. Kim Ju Na first drew attention after participating in “Produce 101” in 2016 where she was eliminated in 34th place. Back then, the singer was accused of using her brother’s fame after she revealed that they are half siblings. KeyEast, Kim Soo Hyun’s agency at the time confirmed the family ties but explained the actor referred to himself as an only child in consideration of his mother.

Although Kim Soo Hyun did not attend his father’s wedding, it’s reported that father and son maintain ties. However, some remain critical of the timing of the wedding.

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